AIBA Star Coaches Courses​ in India

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● Star : 11-20 Sept 2017​
​● 2 Star : 21-30 Sept 2017​

BFI Members / Units to send their nominations ​ *ONLY* ​ on following emails upto 12th Aug 2017 pl :

*To :​* Capt Jaslal Pradhan – Int’m Chairman, Coaches Commission BFI

​ *Cc to :​*

candidates need to have a valid passport for registration with AIBA

all valid nominations received will be compiled on 1st come 1 serve basis, however due weightage will be given for units / regions missed out opportunity earlier

a 3 member team comprising of Chairman Coaches Commission + 2 BFI EC members will screen & finalise the list of candidates and permissible reserves.

a special whatsapp group chat will be prepared and all info will be made available there, as well as on all other relevant BFI Chats / BFI Website.

*​● BFI Members suggestions to improve these operations is more than welcome !​*